BOOK: Insight – Diana Greenwood

Zondervan presents Insight, a new book by Diana Greenwood.

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My father’s ship blew up the first week he was out—not bombed or anything, just due to some kind of engine failure—in the middle of the night when all the crew was sleeping. They never found the bodies. “Must have been a mess,” Grandma’d said a hundred times, “and doesn’t it just figure that good-for-nothing would go out in a flash without doing anything to get the glory.”

My mother always yelled back, “How could I have known my husband would go missing and I’d be stuck in this godforsaken place, pregnant, with a self-centered daughter, a grouchy old woman, and not a penny to my name?”

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A few words from Diana Greenwood.

I just wanted to say that yours was the perfect voice for my book trailer. You captured the emotion and mystery of the story and somehow, at the same time, offered hope in your tone. Well done. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Insight book trailer voiced by Lauren McCullough.

Created by Magnus Creative

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